The Top Ten Reasons Cancer Is Awesome

No, I have not gone insane from the poison pumping through my veins.  Like every cloud there is a silver lining, and a cancer diagnosis is no exception.

10.  Priorities tend to become very clear.  When you truly are faced with the fact that your world can be changed in the blink of an eye, it certainly changes the way you look at things.  For the time being a sink full of dirty dishes will not send me into a fit of rage.  

9.  People like to feed cancer patients.  I have had the most delicious lasagna, enchiladas, chicken, cookies, cakes, brownies, and much more.  Thank you!  My future boot camp self also thanks you for the additional weight to lose. 

8.  Doctors tell you NOT to lose weight.  I have never once been told not to lose weight until I started chemo.  When I was up some weight at my last appointment, I almost got a high five from the nurse.  I think I can oblige this command from my doc.

7.  Sleeping as much as you want is allowed.  I like this one because I am a napper by design.  I love to curl up in the middle of the day and snooze for an hour.  I love being able to do it without the nagging guilt that I should be doing something productive.  Although I guess regenerating cells and fighting infection could be considered productive so it's a win/win for me!

6.  I have an excuse to wear pink every day of my life.  Who isn't happy wearing pink? 

5.  I don't have to blow dry or curl my hair.  I do have "phantom hair syndrome" though.  Essentially it's the same thing as "phantom limb syndrome" (when people who've had a limb removed still feel the pain or an itch), but I find myself reaching up to brush my hair out of my face.  The worst is after showering.  I still reach up to wring out my hair and flip my head down and twist the towel around my head.  It really is a strange sensation.

4.  I get to cry and hug people without being thought of as a crazy person.  Shhh...don't tell anyone.  I'm still a little crazy.

3.   I have not shaved my legs or armpits in weeks.  Sorry if that grosses you out, but THANK YOU CHEMO from the bottom of this dark haired, bushy eyebrowed girl.

2.   Every day feels like a gift.  Every sunrise, sunset, rain storm, snow storm, clear sky, cloudy sky, sunny day, all of it-causes me to pause and say thank you and I will do my best not to take it for granted.

And the number one reason cancer is awesome is....

Feeling the love from everyone around me. 

I have learned first hand what an amazingly supportive and loving family I have.  I know there are people in my life that would jump in front of a train or run down a specialist without hesitation if it meant I would feel or be treated better.

I've realized too what a fantastic group of non-family people I have around me.  My employers, my friends, my boot camp peeps.  Thanks for rallying and keeping me moving along.

I have also been so lucky to reconnect with good friends that have been sort of "lost" along the way over the years, like my high school buddies.  It's a shame it took this kind of event to wake me up and get me reconnected.  I'm sad for the lost years I could have been surrounded by amazing people but grateful to have from this day forward.  Thanks girls!

Brenda, Suzanne, Diana, Emily
Suzanne, Me


  1. Totally thinking about you Libby. We are going to get through this crazy journey one day at a time.

  2. Libby you are an amazing women and I am happy that you have chosen to share this journey with so many. You are an inspiration. The girls and I love you.

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