Let's Get Serious For A Moment

I didn't realize it's been almost a week since I'd posted anything.  No news is good news in my world! 

I've been feeling well.  Well enough in fact to attend Snohomish Boot Camp twice (I've got the sore hamstrings to prove it-thank you Peri-Lyn!).  Other than the residual disgusting taste in my mouth, all is very well.

So, let's talk about death.  I'm not morbid or fascinated by the whole thing, but I would be a liar if I told you it wasn't on my mind more than a few times these past couple of months.  This is not going to be about religion and the after life either (you and I can discuss that privately at some point if you'd like), I'm simply talking about the actual moment of death.

I remember when I was a little girl being told a story about the death of my great-grandmother and namesake, Libby.  My grandma and great aunt swore that just before her death, she sat up in her chair and said the words "hi mama" then she died.  The same great aunt told the story of my own grandmother's death in which a couple of days before she had a massive stroke, she saw a little dog in her house that kept wanting her to follow it.  She believed that little dog was "coming to take her away".  She wasn't frightened, comforted in fact.  Both stories certainly make me feel that at the end of their lives they were in some small way at peace. 

So how does this relate to me?  Well, Jeff and I saw the movie The Grey last night and  I LOVED it.  Jeff liked it too but the annoying woman sitting next to him ruined his comfort so he didn't have quite the same experience.  Anyway, I don't want to spoil anything for you, but the way they portrayed death in the movie was beautiful.  I was a blubbering fool because, shall we say, it hit home.  At one point Liam Neeson (phenomenal in this role) tells a man he is dying and not to be afraid.  He asks him "who is it that you love?" and after the man responds he says "let them take you there".  The whole movie I kept thinking; I hope that's how it is. 

I know it will be a great many years until I'm faced with that moment myself.  I hope when my time comes that it is my baby girl at her sweetest self, or my wonderfully loving husband holding my hand, or perhaps someone who has gone before like my grandparents that come to walk me through. 

I hope I haven't bummed anybody out...sorry if I did.  The reality is we are all going to die and it's a scary prospect, especially for someone living on the edge of it.  I, for one, feel a little better thinking the people I love most-alive or dead-will be with me when it happens. 

Just to lighten the mood...did you see the new
Honey Badger Pistaccio commercial? Love it!!!!

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