Honey Badger Stole My Hair

Don't worry, it's all part of the "master plan".  You see, on his mission to kill every single cancer cell in my body, Honey Badger has to kill every other fast growing cell.  This means any and all hair (yes ALL), mucus membranes (hello bloody noses and dry mouth), and lots of other annoying (yet painless) little nuisances. 

Here's how it went down.  I basically knew somewhere around the two week mark, I could start losing my hair.  I woke up every morning checking the pillow, tugging ever so gently to see if it would come out, and was sort of living on pins and needles about it.  My biggest fear was to be walking through the grocery store and a random clump would just fall out and be hanging from the back of my coat.  Can you imagine?!  "Excuse me ma'am, you've got something on your jacket.  Oh, it's a big chunk of hair".  Yeah, that would be slightly embarrassing.  Fast forward to Thursday night.  Mandi and I were watching the season premier of Project Runway All Stars (go Mondo), when I reached up and low and behold, pulled out a handful of hair.  Hmmm.  Let's try this again.  So, I did, and yep, another handful.  JEFF!!!!!  IT'S HAPPENING!  Of course they were grossed out by the whole thing so I kept doing it, just to annoy them.  Hee hee hee.  Well, let's get the scissors and the clippers and have fun with it!

Mandi did the honorary first major cut.  Then she and I took turns.  There were basically no rules so you can imagine what a lovely look I had going.  Jeff stepped in with the clippers and tried various styles.  Mullet, flat top, I even had a "tail" at one point.  (None of those styles worked for me by the way)  Finally, we shaved the whole thing.  Weird.  Every time I look in the mirror I expect the person staring back at me to start singing ( think Sinead O'Connor circa "Nothing Compares To You").  It's quite strange, although I was surprisingly non-emotional over it.  I thought for sure it would be devastating but it's been ok.  I need to do some serious accessory shopping since I'm not super comfortable wearing the wig by itself.  With a hat I think it looks like my normal hair, I just need to get to the wig shop and have the gal do a little tweaking, then I'll be good to go. 
Yesterday I went to my friend Kyla's house and let her kids Ryan and Brianna use duct tape to get some of the stubble off.  It was pretty funny.  My entire head was covered in pink duct tape and Ryan was wearing my wig.  Ha!  Something they'll never forget I bet!  We had fun with it.  What else can you do, cry?  Yeah...did that last night.  I had about five minutes when it hit me that I looked weird, and then I got over it.  Now it's all about being creative and getting comfortable.  I'll get there.  I've got the best support system in the world who remind me every day that they love me hair or no hair.  Thank you my dear friends and family. 
To end on a good note...I have been feeling great!  No nausea meds for days now and I feel completely normal (minus the hair).  I'm so fortunate to be tolerating the chemo really well.  Yay!  My next treatment is Thursday, January 12th.  I'll be ready.

Go Honey Badgers!


  1. Wow... I think the duct tape look is the best!! Seriously, when I first saw that shot I thought someone photoshoped it in. Love that it's duct tape! We have more in the garage if you need any!!!

    Most importantly, I'm glad you're feeling well!! That's great news. Fingers crossed that you won't need that neulasta (sp?)?!

    Huge hugs!!

  2. You know, Libby, I like the duct tape look. Quite fetching! It's good to know that the meds are doing what they're supposed to do (side effects & all).

    I knitted another hat for you, but had a little mishap with it. It was one of those knit-huge-and-felt-down-to-shape ones. Unfortunately it felted into something resembling a jellyfish. The good news is that it won 1st place in the "dysfunctional project" exhibit at St. Distaff's Day.