An Exercise in Visualization

Work with me here.

On the eve of my first chemo treatment, I can't sleep.  It's either the steroids they're having me take, the port that's sticking up about an inch out of my chest and hurts every time I swallow or move (not horrible just annoying), or it could be just a bit of anxiety about the morning's events.  Probably a combination really.  Anyway, I couldn't sleep and kept thinking about those little toe fungus creatures from the Lamisil commercials a few years back.  Remember those guys?  If not, you can watch it here- Lamisil Digger.  Why on earth would I be thinking of them?  Let me clarify.

I was talking to Kimberly and she mentioned something about the chemo running around and killing all the nasty cancer cells.  I think that stuck in my mind and being half asleep, I started visualizing a scenario that looked like this.

So my nasty little cancer cells (similar looking to that little digger character), have been laying low and hiding since their buddies were found and removed (surgery).  So they've split up and are taking refuge in remote areas of my body, waiting to rally.  Let's bring in the big guns, shall we? 

In my story, chemo is the Honey Badger of medications.  Honey Badger doesn't give a s***!  Nothing gets past this little cutie.  Honey Badger relentlessly runs around (in his glittery pink Tom's of course) looking for it's food of choice (cancer cells) until there are none left hiding.  Anywhere.  Well Honey Badger is not what you would call a "delicate" creature, so he might destroy some good things during his little hunting trip, but that's okay as long as he gets the little nasty digger guys. 

I've read that the power of positive thinking can make a huge difference in recovery, and you're supposed to visualize your body healing and the bad cells being destroyed.  Hey, I'll do anything that will promote healing and might as well smile while I'm at it!

So when you think of me getting my chemo treatments, envision these two characters fighting it out.  My money's on Honey Badger.

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