All This Hot Mess Wants for Christmas is Another Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your family and friends, full of good food and good memories.

We spent Christmas Eve at Jeff's dad's house and then had sort of an open house setup at our home on Christmas, serving brunch type foods.  I lasted a couple of hours and then had to lay down and take a nap.  Jeff and I went to see War Horse yesterday afternoon with Howard, Gigi, and our neighbors Bill and Kathy.  T'he movie was pretty good, not great, IMHO. 

Today is day five of Operation Honey Badger, and those little mother f'ers are working their magic (pardon the terminology).  I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I feel like crap.  You'd think this wouldn't be a surprise, and intellectually it isn't, but I guess somewhere deep down I thought I might sail through without a problem at all.  Oh denial, I miss you. 

Looks comfortable, huh?
My biggest issue?  My port.  In case you aren't sure, a port is a hole  they punch in your chest in order to attach a line directly to a vein to administer chemo, draw blood, etc.  It's supposed to make life for chemo patients way easier-and it certainly cuts down on the IV pokes they have to do.  I had my port "implanted" if you will, and that thing is causing me nothing but problems.  It's sore, bruised, and when I move a certain way it feels like the stitches are being ripped open.  It almost seems like something is wrong with it, but I won't be able to talk to anyone about it until tomorrow.  Hopefully I'm just being a big baby and it'll feel better in a couple of days. 

I've had bone aches from the Neulasta, which makes getting comfortable a bit of a challenge.  I'm religious about taking all of the drugs and have managed to get to sleep with the help of meds, but then have issues when I move around and my port gives me trouble.  What the hell?!!!!

I also have this constant feeling of being hungry, but when I eat, I get nauseous.  Oh how I long for the days of being nauseous solely from overeating lots of yummy Christmas food and goodies.  Oh well.  
 Who am I kidding...this sucks!  I feel so bad for the people who have to have chemo every week, or two weeks, whatever.  I'm lucky compared to them and I'm miserable.  Hopefully this is just how I'll feel the first few days but then I'll rally and have a good couple of weeks until my next treatment.  I'm going to work tomorrow and I hope getting out and accomplishing something will make me feel better. 

I'll end this post with a photo of my brother-in-law all "dolled" up yesterday.  I don't know what possessed Mandi and Cheri to dress Scotty up in drag...isn't he pretty?


  1. Libby, My port was uncomfortable for me too, but definitely have them look at it. I was usually wiped out the first week after my treatments, but then felt better and better up until they shot me up again. They should be able to give you something for the nausea. They gave me some very effective meds for that. The bone pain sucked. I think that bothered me more
    than anything. Just take it one day at a time. Just like you did with Boot Camp! Thinking of you. Tracey Elfstrom


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