Whoever Said You Lose Weight On Chemo LIED!

How shallow, right?  Who would care about a little weight gain in the midst of cancer treatment?  Well, this Chiquita Banana is obsessed with it.  It was all fun and games when the doc TELLS you not to lose weight and they practically do backflips when you put on a few ounces.  I tend to be slightly competitive and figured a few ounces was nothing, how cool would it be if I put on a few pounds?  As of this morning...14.  OMG!  STOP! 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know now is not the time to be concerned by such trivial and vain things.  I think I wouldn't be if I hadn't just spent the last year of my life working my ass off (literally) at boot camp-five days a week.  I know I'll be back to my old/new self in a few months and muscle memory is my friend.  It's such a bummer though!  I should be out walking and eating only organic veggie smoothies and fish, but I want comfort food dammit!  My most recent obsession; chocolate covered marshmallow hearts.  Yep, sounds disgusting to most of you.  I am, however, like a pregnant woman and cannot get enough of those little lovelies.  Jeff gave me five of them (yes five) along with a giant tub of red licorice for Valentine's Day.  Can you say enabler?  Kidding.  It's not his fault and like any other crack addict, I'd drive to the store at 2am to get my fix if need be. 

On the bright side, I only have one more round of chemo left.  I'm figuring it'll take me about 10 days to get over that and then back to boot camp for me.  Get ready Peri-Lyn.  I'm counting on you to whip me back in to shape.  I'm doing the St. Patty's Day Dash in  March, the Susan G. Komen 5k in June, and the big Susan G. 3 day in September.  I'd better get training! 

This last round of chemo hit me pretty hard.  More fatigue than I've had before and very unpleasant body aches-mostly in the legs.  My Oncologist-bless his heart-gave me a scrip for Vicodin and they are my favorite thing in the whole world.  I'm feeling better now and still have plenty left to get me through my last round on February 28th.  AHHHHHH!  I cannot WAIT to be DONE!

In case you all need a reminder and a laugh watch this;  my official mascot the honey badger.

One more thing I SWEAR this was made just for ME-

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  1. Hey lady. I hear ya on the weight gain. frustrating huh. I'm happy you only have one treatment left. Woo hoo!!
    Are you putting a 3 day team together? I and several of my friends want to do the 3day also. We should do it together. Let me know.
    I still have eight more taxol treatments....yuck!! Then I have surgery, then radiation, then reconstruction next winter. It seems like forever before I'm done and normal. Any way could be worse.
    Think of you often