We're On The Home Stretch Now Baby!

Yay!  Round three is done!  I saw my Oncologist before my infusion yesterday and every single one of my labs was normal.  Which crappy Neulasta shot and no anemia for me.  What a relief!  My body seems to bounce back really quickly from the chemo-probably because of my year of hard work getting into shape.  Reason number 7,850,000 why I love Snohomish Boot Camp.   

I got to the infusion fully decked out.  Pink from head to toe (basically) including pink glitter nail polish my nursey friend Linda gave me, which matches my pink glitter Tom's.  I had my new Honey Badger head piece to get the party started (thank you Peg! You are so sweet!), and my entourage were at their best.  My nurse for the day was miss Chanel as in Chanel No. 5 and she was DREAMY.  Joining me were my mom, my aunt, Jeff, his dad, and his mom.  It was busy in there yesterday (sadly enough) so my crew had to take turns visiting, but it was fun.  Yes, I just said my chemo infusion was fun.  It's so great to know I only have one more of these suckers left!  My doc said a week after my next infusion I'll meet with the Radiation Oncologist to set up my radiation treatments.  There'll be a total of 33 of those puppies, five days a week until they are done.  Everyone I've talked to says it's a piece of cake compared to chemo so I'm banking on that. 

So far post treatment I'm doing ok.  Things definitely hit faster after each time.  The horrible taste in my mouth is back at it's worst and I'm super tired.  My stomach feels ok though.  I expect to have some body aches from the Taxol in the next few days, but hope after about five days I'll be on the upswing again and feeling great. 

Nurse Chanel

Once again, thanks for all the love and support!  I have to give a shout out to a couple more of my nursey peeps; Laura who sends me the cutest cards for each treatment (you are the best) and Cindy, who has also taken the time to mail me little bits of inspiration.  It totally makes my day to get happy mail like that. 

Have a wonderful day people.  Go Honey Badgers! 

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