Actually, three things.

1.  Tuesday is my last chemo treatment!  Yay!  I am so excited to be done with that nonsense.

2.  I TOTALLY exceeded my fundraising goal for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day (thank you to all my awesome and generous peeps).

3.  This is the best, but allow me to do a little recap.  I adopted the "Honey Badger" as my mascot because it
helps me to visualize the chemo as an aggressive creature eating all the cancer cells.  I got the idea from this youtube video Honey Badger.  So the lovely Carol Lange (one of the nurses at the Healthline) made this for me.  Yes, it's a Honey Badger cross stitch.  Can you believe it?  BEST.  THING.  EVER.

Thank you everyone for all of the love and support.  I'm so excited to put this all behind me and move forward.  I feel so blessed to have had such an AMAZING support system from day one.  XOXO

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