Half Way Baby!

My cat Boo-just because he's so cute!

Can I get an amen?  AMEN! 

I got a call yesterday from Dr. Jiang letting me know that because of the holiday they couldn't get formal approval from my insurance company to switch medications from Taxotere to Taxol, so the plan was for me to assume that we'd get approval, but just in case, he wanted me to prepare to "re-challenge" the Taxotere drug.  What that means is basically to try the drug I reacted to again, but with some new precautions.  He wanted me to take the steroid med they'd prescribed, Benadryl and Zantac last night as well as this morning.  So I was prepared today for both scenarios, but found out at about 10:00 am that they'd gotten "tentative" approval from the insurance company to go ahead with the Taxol so that became the plan.  I did take all the pre-meds just in case so I was a bit sleepy after two Benadryl at 1:00 this afternoon.  Anyway, because of the snow, it was a little touch and go with getting there, but my awesome neighbor Kathy drove me in her nice new four wheel drive truck and we had zero problem. 

Comfy chairs!

So we got there about 1:15 and checked in.  They took us back to the infusion room almost immediately and they decided to do a blood draw, which showed my neutraphil levels were still really high
 (19,000) so no Neulasta shot-yay! 

I didn't have a huge entourage today, just Kathy, Howard, and Jeff.  My friend Tracy (a member of the Real Breast Cancer Survivors of Snohomish County cast) was at the Cancer Partnership getting her very LAST dose of radiation (congratulations!) so she and her husband came for a visit.  She brought me a wonderful gift bag with some major meaning.  In it was a Wonder Woman Barbie.  Unfortunately, I am the 10th recipient of her, and my job will sadly be to pass it on to another breast cancer patient.  Every time I look at her I'll think of all the other women who've faced the same battle and made it through and will BELIEVE I will be among them.  Thank you Tracy.  I am so happy that you are through the tough stuff and I can't wait to plan our outfits for the three day!

**A little side note, I am a total medical professional snob.  If I happen to be a patient of yours someday, watch out because my expectations are H-I-G-H!  I did NOT care for my nurse today.  I'd say she's the first person I have not liked at the Cancer Partnership.  I won't name names, but she won't be getting a thank you card from me.  I asked to take her picture and she refused.  Yep.  Refused.  What-EVER.  Plus, I had to inform her that she was typing on the computer with gloves that had my blood spilled on them.  She was a bit odd but thankfully I didn't have a crisis or anything and really didn't deal with her too much.**

So the Taxol was no problem, which was a huge relief and the Cytoxin was a breeze just like before, so we were outta there in about three hours.  Not too shabby.  My next appointment is scheduled for February 7th, so I should be completely through with chemo by February 27th.  My plan is to run (or walk) with my buddy Denise in the St. Patty's day run in Seattle.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate.  Well, I could but still, you know what I mean.

Now do your job Honey Badgers!


  1. So glad things went well today. :-))))) Hang in there, Girl! Hope the next few days are comfortable.
    Yvonne & Doug & Shaela
    & Angus ^..^

    1. Thanks guys! BTW, I will mail your t-shirt. So sorry I forgot to give it to you last week!