Second Opinion

Up until yesterday, I haven't felt the need for a second opinion.  When you first get diagnosed with cancer, everyone tells you to get one.  I didn't have that sense.  From the start I was confident in the treatment I was getting and with what I was being told.  I did a fair amount of research on my own and everything was in line with what I was reading.  I also had Dr. Kent right off the bat-who I want to come follow me around and answer random questions he was so great.  But, after my meeting with Dr. Nguyen, I got on the phone and decided I needed to talk to someone else.

Of course I have that initial feeling of guilt that goes along with this.  I don't want Dr. Nguyen to be upset with me because she is a nice person and I'm sure she's a great doctor.  I also adore her PA Donna, and don't want her to be mad either.  I know that it's silly to feel that way but human nature I guess. 

I have a second opinion scheduled for Next Thursday December 15th.  I could'nt get in to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, so am going through the Providence Cancer Center in Everett through the Everett Clinic.  I'd like to go through Evergreen but my insurance doesn't cover it.  Besides, I've heard wonderful things from my cancer friends about the Providence center and the doctor I got in with, Dr. Jiang, has a pretty impressive background.  I'm only looking for an opinion on treatment, not diagnosis, so it should hopefully be pretty painless and straightforward.  If I like them, I may switch Oncologists all together. We shall see!

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  1. Libby - it's your body. it's your LIFE. If you don't feel comfortable in any way, shape or form - it's your RIGHT to get a second or third or forth opinion IMO. I don't believe that you can be over informed. And, the happier you are with everything going on - the more likely a better outcome. So... get another opinion! And, never once feel "guilty" about it.