Have I Mentioned That I Love My Surgeon?

No, not THAT way!  I want him to be my dad.  Or at the very least, come with me to every appointment.  He was so great and I wanted to do something nice to show my appreciation.  So what do you get a doctor who...SAVED YOUR LIFE?  Yeah, they pretty much don't make a gift or a card for that.  They really don't, I checked.  Anyway, I decided to write him a nice loooooong thank you note and am going to deliver some cookies from the Snohomish Pie Company.  I also made a box and am going to fill it with these breast cancer bracelets I've been making then he can give them out to his other breast cancer patients. 

I seriously want to call him and ask his opinion about my chemo options, but I think that might be a little weird.  I guess I COULD ask him when I drop off the thank you gift.  Hmmmm...does this make me a stalker? 

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